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Dynamics Analytics for Fabric and Power BI

Empower Your Microsoft Fabric Business with Dynamics 365 and Power BI

Discover how Data Crafters can help your Microsoft Fabric business thrive with Dynamics Analytics solutions integrated with Power BI. From production to sales, leverage the power of data to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth.


What is Dynamics 365 F&O?
Unveiling Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (F&O)

Dynamics 365 F&O is a robust ERP solution that integrates financial and operational processes. It empowers businesses to streamline operations, improve decision-making, and drive growth. Data Crafters introduces seamless integration of financial and operational processes, our tailored solutions enable businesses to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and drive sustainable growth.

Maximizing Business Potential with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Join us in shaping the future of business management by sharing your insights on Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. Your input will help us understand industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, enabling us to develop solutions that drive success for businesses worldwide.

What is Microsoft Dataverse?

Microsoft Dataverse is a secure and scalable data platform that enables organizations to store, manage, and share business data across the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 applications.

Maximizing Business Potential with Microsoft Dataverse
Discover how Data Crafters leverages the power of Microsoft Dataverse to revolutionize data management and drive business success. Dataverse serves as a secure and scalable data platform, enabling organizations to store, manage, and share data seamlessly across the Microsoft ecosystem. With our expertise, businesses can streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and unlock new opportunities for innovation. From customized data models to advanced analytics, Data Crafters empowers businesses to leverage Dataverse to its fullest potential, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.
Ready to transform your business with Microsoft Dataverse?
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Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM Solutions

Empower your sales team with Dynamics 365 Sales. From lead generation to deal closure, our solution enhances sales productivity, fosters collaboration, and drives revenue growth.

Elevate your marketing efforts with Dynamics 365 Marketing. Leverage personalized customer journeys, insightful analytics, and seamless integration to create impactful campaigns and drive engagement.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Our solution enables efficient case management, proactive support, and personalized interactions to build lasting customer relationships.

Streamline project management with Dynamics 365 Project Operations. From planning and execution to monitoring and reporting, our solution provides comprehensive project management tools to ensure successful project delivery.

Optimize field service operations with Dynamics 365 Field Service. Empower your technicians with mobile tools, IoT capabilities, and predictive maintenance to deliver proactive and efficient customer service.

6 Ways to explore analytics with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Utilize built-in dashboards and reports for quick insights.

Leverage advanced analytics tools for deeper analysis.

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success.


Segment and analyze customer data for targeted marketing.

Monitor sales pipeline and forecasting for strategic decision-making.


Integrate with Power BI for interactive visualizations and real-time reporting.

Unleash the Power of Integrated Analytics
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