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Data warehousing and data architecture

Unlocking the Power of Your Data: Building Scalable Data Warehousing and Architecture Solutions

Any data-driven organization revolves around the axis of strong data warehousing and architecture.
At Data Crafters, we offer comprehensive data warehousing and architecture services to help organizations design, build, and maintain scalable, high-performance data systems that can support complex business requirements. As a team of experienced data engineers, architects, and developers, we’ll help enterprises get through the complexities of data management and deliver customer solutions that’ll get them closer to their organizational goals.

Data warehousing and architecture services we provide

We work closely with enterprises to understand their goals with the data they handle and start from there. Our teams come up with long-term and short-term road maps to reach the desired data structure and help enterprises achieve them. As part of the strategy and planning phase, we’ll identify data resources that can help organizations in analysis and decision-making and help funnel it into the data pipeline.

It is crucial to structure organizational data in a manner that maximizes its potential benefits while ensuring that its integrity, consistency, and accuracy remain uncompromised. Our team has experts that have great hands-on experience modeling enterprise data optimally, with precision and protection as our priorities. Our data model helps internal teams understand and organize their data better in future.

There’s a reason why a few enterprises make better use of their data than others. Simply put, at Data Crafters we aim to terraform enterprises' data landscape by extracting, transforming, loading and integrating as much contextually relevant data as possible from within and outside the organizations, and will also help enterprises arrive at decisions by analyzing herculean volumes of data. Our methods rely on our expertise and the technology we use.

Keeping in mind that as data controllers, every enterprise is responsible for protecting them, we take on a bigger responsibility of helping them discharge theirs with grace. From coming up with organizational and internal data policies to making organizations compliant with data laws, Data Crafters makes sure that enterprises can scale up their database without having to worry about breaches and the quality of their data.

We find the need for organizations to go digital and their cloud-first approach to further affirm our own beliefs. No matter how much legacy there is in enterprises, we help them digitize it, migrate it to the cloud and make the cloud data ecosystem scalable as well. AWS, Azure and other cloud storages are all our areas of expertise and we’ll help enterprises choose the most cost-efficient, flexible one that suits their interests.

Why Choose Data Crafters?

By now, it’s a well-established fact that companies that put data to good use are all outperforming their peers, and hence having a solid data architecture and data warehouse is a must. Why us, though?


Experienced Team

Our team of data architects, engineers, and developers has years of experience designing and implementing data architectures for organizations of all sizes. 


Customized Solutions

We provide customized solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs and requirements. The tools we arm your teams with will be tools only they have access to it, so you can get the insights you need to make informed business decisions.


Tech-stack agnostic

We aim to make your organization data-driven. Not to make customers of a specific SaaS company. We are experts in the latest technologies and product stacks, so anything that suits your needs, we’ll help you with it.


Scalable Solutions

Scalability is not something we think about at later stages of a project. We start with requirements and scalability as an organizational practice. This gives plenty of room for all our clients to grow without having to worry about their digital database catching up to them. 


Support and Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for our data warehousing and architecture solutions, so you can focus on running your business while we take care of your data needs.

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