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Streamlining the Invoice Management Process by Integrating PowerApps in D365 F&O

Sohanur Rahman Sohan

Sohanur Rahman Sohan

Associate Power Platform Developer,
Data Crafters

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Tareq Rosul

Tareq Rosul

Power Apps Developer,
Data Crafters

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365 F&O) is a critical tool for modern businesses, offering a comprehensive suite of applications to manage financials, supply chain operations, and enterprise resource planning (ERP). This powerful platform helps organizations streamline their processes, gain deeper insights through advanced analytics, and drive operational excellence. However, despite its robust capabilities, D365 F&O users often encounter several challenges that can hinder their efficiency and productivity.

Common issues include:

  • Complexity in Customization: Customizing D365 F&O to meet specific business needs can be complex and time-consuming.
  • Data Management Challenges: Managing and integrating data across various departments and systems can lead to inconsistencies and errors.
  • Manual Processes: Many tasks, such as invoicing, reporting, and document management, remain manual, increasing the risk of errors and inefficiencies.
  • User Training and Adoption: Ensuring all users are adequately trained and comfortable with the system’s features can be a significant hurdle.

In this installment, we focus on revolutionizing the invoicing process using PowerApps embedding in D365 F&O. This solution automates the generation, storage, and distribution of invoices of any users, addressing the inefficiencies and errors associated with manual invoicing.

User Challenges with the Customer’s Invoicing in D365 F&O

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365 F&O) offers extensive capabilities for managing financial operations, users often face specific challenges when it comes to invoicing. These challenges include:

  • Time-Consuming Manual Processes: The process of generating, saving, and sharing invoices is often manual, leading to inefficiencies and delays.
  • Prone to Errors: Manual data entry increases the likelihood of errors, resulting in incorrect invoices that can frustrate customers and complicate accounting.
  • Lack of Customization: Standard invoicing options may not provide the flexibility needed to tailor invoices to meet specific customer requirements or company branding guidelines.
  • Storage and Distribution Issues: Managing and organizing invoices across various storage solutions can be cumbersome. Additionally, ensuring the timely and correct distribution of invoices to customers can be challenging without automated processes.
  • Inconsistent Formats: Invoices generated manually may lack consistency in format and presentation, which can lead to confusion and miscommunication with customers.

Addressing these invoicing challenges is essential for improving operational efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction within the D365 F&O environment. Our solution leverages PowerApps and Power Automate and streamlines the entire customer’s invoicing process, providing a comprehensive and efficient approach to managing it.

In this case study we will talk about D365 F&O Customer’s invoicing process.

Our Solution

  1. Launching the embedded PowerApps in D365: We have developed a PowerApps that is seamlessly embedded within the “All Customers” section of D365 F&O. This integration allows users to access the app directly from their existing workflow, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience.


2. Loading customer accounts and their corresponding invoice history: 


3. Preview a specific invoice:


4. We generate the PDF file for these invoices :


5. Downloading the PDF file for further use like printing or storing offline:


6. Storing the PDF file as an attachment in D365:


7. Sharing the invoice PDF file as an attachment to the customer via email



Benefits of this Solution

Implementing our PowerApps solution within D365 F&O yields significant benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency: The time needed to generate and send invoices is reduced by over 60%, freeing up valuable resources.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Automation minimizes errors associated with manual data entry, leading to more accurate invoices.
  • Greater Flexibility: Customizable invoices and multiple storage options provide the flexibility to meet diverse customer needs.
  • Improved User Satisfaction: Feedback from users highlights a prominent level of satisfaction with the new system, particularly appreciating the seamless integration with D365.


By partnering with us, organizations using D365 Finance & Operations (D365 F&O) can transform their invoicing process, achieving greater efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. Our solution addresses the common challenges faced by D365 F&O users and provides a comprehensive, automated, and integrated approach to invoice management. This empowers businesses to streamline their operations, reduce errors, and enhance overall productivity.

In addition to our invoicing solutions, we are experts in various other aspects of business automation and data management, which we will cover in future blogs. At Data Crafters, we specialize in integrating Power Platform solutions with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. The case study presented here is just one example of our expertise. We offer a range of seamless integration services that enhance the capabilities of D365 F&O with the Power Platform, including:

  1. Custom Business Applications: Develop tailored applications with Power Apps, accessible from any device (desktop, mobile, or tablet).
  2. Automated Business Processes: Streamline your workflows and business processes with Power Automate, increasing efficiency and reducing manual tasks.
  3. Simplified Complex Processes: Utilize the combined power of Power Apps and Power Automate to simplify and optimize intricate D365 processes.
  4. Customized Email Templates: Create personalized email templates for effective customer communication.
  5. Standalone Power Apps: Develop dedicated Power Apps for specific business needs, enhancing functionality and user experience for D365 F&O.
  6. Data Validation and Error Handling: Ensure data accuracy and integrity through advanced validation and error handling mechanisms using Power Automate.

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations through innovative Power Platform integrations. Transform your business processes, improve user experience, and drive efficiency with our expertise.

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